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"Discover The Simple Steps Needed To Get Out Of
The Internet Marketing Rat Race..."Are you sick of all the Hype  ?

     Are you sick of endless product launches promoting 'The Next Big Thing In Internet Marketing'... ?   Me too.

Meet The Leaders ! The Heavy Hitters of Internet Marketing News Covered.

  The Marketing News Site is your one-stop-shop for all their latest news; news about the top marketers,
  their products / services, what they are up to, and a lot more.

  What is Kelvin Hui, Mr. AdSense I, and Joel Comm, Mr. AdSense II, up to? The Marketing News Site
  will tell you.

  What is Jim Edwards, Mr. Multimedia and Bob Chambers, the Multimedia Guy, up to? The Marketing
  News Site will tell you.

  What is Ewen Chia, Mr. Affiliate Marketing, Marland Sanders and Rosalind Gardner up to ?
  The Marketing News Site will tell you.

  It would have been easier to ask: "What news doesn't The Marketing News Site cover?"

  Here's a partial list of news covered by The Marketing News Site.

  News related to:

     E-business, e-commerce, online marketing, search engines, SEO, email marketing, affiliate  
     marketing, joint venture marketing,  viral marketing, resale rights marketing, blogs, RSS,  
     blog/RSS marketing, copywriting, list building, traffic generation, advertising, branding,   
     multimedia (audio, video), research, measurements-n-tracking and many other internet 
     marketing topics.

     Internet Marketing Experts Views & Trends

                                                                   ... And Many Others!




        Before we go any further just imagine you could step outside of the Internet Marketing bubble that's been
       ($) created and view it all from a calm vantage point outside. What you'd see would open your eyes...In fact,
       your subconscious knows what is going on, and it occasionally tries to let you know.

Think about it...

  Have you ever had the feeling it's the haves and the have not's. The rich against the poor. The people with
  the knowledge outsmarting the people without... me too... only I've seen it from both sides of the line. And
  I'll tell you it ain't a pretty sight.

  I've been researching Internet Marketing for over 5 years now...(I know slowww) And It's finally time to spill the  

... it's taken me a long time to drag myself along the...

'Internet Marketing Learning Curve'.

  And now I'm glad that I've managed to cross the line from 'following the herd' to having the light bulb moment and  

"Ahhhh... So this is how it all really works!"

  Why it took so long I'll never know, because before I'd even seen one direct sales copy website (and the whole 
  Internet Marketing scene) I was building fairly profitable websites. Nothing mind blowing, but they were profitable,  
  and the conversion rates were most often high...

The realization of why they were high is an education in itself...

  ...but the thing was I didn't have anyone to say you couldn't do this or that. I just built the site how I thought I should.        And just let the customers decide to buy or not.

  My theory was you have products, you list the products on a web page, and you allow people to buy them... Simple...

  As with affiliate marketing though, I found great programs and  I was getting a resonable percentage of my clients  
  earnings, I was no Ewen Chia ( the best at it ). I still make some great earnings at times. I recommend exploring 
  alliliate marketing to all marketers. This experience helped me realized...  if I started my own site... selling my own 
  products, I'd get to keep a larger percentage of the profits, plus the customer would be mine for life.

  So... my search began for a product I could sell online. I somehow landed on a direct marketing website. I think it   
  was some big Guru's, can't remember which. It was just one page of text with an opt in box for more information on   
  how to make your website sell more product...

I filled it in and pressed submit...


I had taken the first slippery step to becoming an...

  Internet Marketing Junkie.

  This relationship lasted for two whole years.

  If you're anything like I was then you've struggled through this Internet Marketing Learning curve too. You've been 
  dragged from pillar to post and back and still find yourself no further forward. If you're still on that learning curve
  then I can share things with you that will speed up your salvation and help you to step over the line.

This is why I've set up this Information Marketing Site.

To even the score.

  The Internet Marketing News Site is a Private Members Only Site that delves into 'the truth' about Successful Internet   
  Marketers...   What it is that marketers 'really' do on a daily basis and how this knowledge and insight can lead to your 
  success in the shortest possible time.The mistakes they made along the way, and the things they do daily to
  maximize their business and...

keep ahead of the pack.

  Do you think that people like John Reese, Marlon Sanders, Perry Marshall, Corey Rudl or Gary Halbert just picked up        a marketing course and just started to be successful?

  Read their story, and you'll find there was no step by step formula to them becoming successful. The amazing thing is      that when you discover how they became successful, it will only bring your success closer...


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                                             WISHING YOU SUCCESS



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