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A Good Manager.

Doing the business of music today is all about approaching people who are established in their power and influence, persuading them that you have something to offer that will make them money, then negotiating a good deal.

A good manager is very well placed to do all of these things. Not only having creativity is necessary, but an understanding of legal matters and contracts, and an acute sense of how and where the money is flowing. And a good set of talons and horns for attack and defense in the take-no-prisoners world of the music business.

I think that good managers care about music. To become a successful music business manager, you have to be passionate about what you do. That might be just the business side of music, but many managers are true lovers of music.

Often managers are seen as 'the enemy', and they probably make more money out of the music business than even quite successful musicians. But you need at least one of these able and powerful people working for you.When you choose to do both, the musicians / artist talent takes a back seat any way you look at it.

That is the route to success in the modern music business.

Before we  knew it the indie market shot to the roof! "People in general are no longer accepting abuse of talent and spirit! We as a whole along with technology have smartened up our ways of attack! We have all the necessary tools from software programs to marketing venues such as "Facebook / MySPace" - "iTunes" to mimic the same thing the Major Labels are doing, accept with only one difference! When we do it ourselves it's more so looked upon as self pleasure. This way if we are getting sexed on the deal at least its the way we want it to be done!"

All those who believe in themselves will find all levels of success from its highest to lowest points. True soldiers on a quest will not die until the battle is won!

Gotta be Patient - Please....Please do NOT send music / dvd's or any other press information out if it isn't professional....especially to labels and agents. If you are not ready, meaning you don't have a press kit, photo's and etc., please don't bother people about helping you until you take care of your business.

If you are an artist looking to submit demo material, please understand that record labels do not accept unsolicited material. They only accept submissions from professional managers, lawyers, publishers and agents with whom they have or may wish to establish a business relationship with. They will destroy (or delete, as applicable) unsolicited materials, and neither review nor return them to the sender.

Just Saying ! !

 Jimmy Lovine Video
The music business is a cruel 
and shallow money trench, a 
long plastic hallway where thieves 
and pimps run free, and good men 
die like dogs. There's also a negative side...."
Who needs  a manager for their  music biz ? 

Those who want a career in the music business, but don't really know where to begain.

Those who have talent, and want to take their career to another level.

The  book explains to you the whole breakdown about finding management, commissions, 
making a plan, standard management duties, deal shopping, publishing, contracts, key person clauses, and more.


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