rember Our Ourgang?
Well, here it is...........sad...........!

Mickey died of liver disease at 55.

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The show Little Rascals was originally called Our Gang. 
 Our Gang was created by Hal Roach in 1922. 
 Over 140,000 kids auditioned to be one of the chosen few   
 who appeared in the show. 
 The most popular characters were Spanky, Alfafa, Porky, Darla and Buckwheat. 
 The Little Rascals also starred in movies that were silent 
and with sound. 

At the age of three he came to the show business. Even though he "only" played in 15 episodes of Our Gang (between 1929 and 1931), he counts to the well-known players. He currently lives in California. Still alive at age 82. 

Jackie Cooper

Froggy - -Billy Laughlin (William Robert Laughlin) When Our Gang stopped production in 1944, Laughlin voluntarily moved away from show business and enjoyed relatively peaceful teenage years until he was hit and killed by a truck in La Puente, California while riding a motor-scooter at the age of 16. 

Robert Blake, who was cleared of charges of killing his wife, did appear in some of the later Little Rascals episodes and played Mickey. Still alive at age 72. 

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Lee died in a Minneapolis nursing home after battling lung and brain cancer.
Gordon Lee was 71.

Gordon "Porky" Lee--

Spanky (George McFarland) - (10/2/28 - 6/30/93) Having tried unsuccessfully to land acting jobs in Hollywood after his starring role in the Rascals, McFarland moved back to Texas, joined the Air Force and eventually found a career as a TV salesman/executive. He made an appearance on Cheers shortly before he died at age 64 of a heart attack.

and Spanky.......

He was poisoned by an unknown assailant.

Pete the Pup --

In 1968, at the age of 38, (Scotty Beckett) took his own life with  an overdose of sleeping pills.

Tommy "Butch" Bond
In 1951, following college,Tommy quit acting and became an assistant director at channel 11 in Los Angeles. Died of  complications from heart disease,

Butch --

(Robert Hutchins) was killed in a basic training military airplane accident at age 19.

Scotty Beckett --

Waldo (Darwood Kaye)  (9/8/29 - 5/15/2002)  Became a pastor. Was killed by a hit and run driver, who came up on the sidewalk as Darwood was taking  a walk.
Waldo --
Wheezer --
(Mathew Bear) Stymie had a troubled adult life with crime and drugs. In later life he finally cleaned up his act & made appearances on Sanford & Son. He died of   a stroke at age 56.
Stymie --
Shirley Jean Rickert & Mickey Daniels --

The Our Gang leading lady; Cause of death - Acute hepatitis contracted while in the hospital for a minor operation - contracted hepatitis and died at age 47.
(Kendal McComas) became an electrical engineer at the U.S. Naval Weapons Center in China Lake, California. Like many child actors he was small for his age and never grew taller that five feet. In 1981, two weeks before his 65th birthday and apparent forced retirement he committed suicide.
 Breezy Brisbane --
Darla Hood --
Chubby --
In 1935, he had an operation for a glandular ailment, and his weight dropped to 136 pounds. Sadly, he never recovered and passed away at the age of 18.
(William Thomas) - Afterward, he led a stable, successful life as a film lab technician in Hollywood. He died of a heart attack in 1980 at age 49.
Buckwheat --
Always the clown on the set, (Carl Switzer) continued to act up after he left the Gang. He had run-ins with the law and in 1959 was shot to death over money - $50 dollars allegedly owed to him by his business partner. He was 31. 


Remember Our Gang? 
What ever happened to those people?

Alfalfa --
(Shirley Jean Rickert) - (3/25/26 - ) 
Became a beautiful stripper named 
Glenda and her Crowning Glory, 
Currently lives in New York. 
Visit Her Web Site !

While Carl Switzer certainly had his own share of bad luck, one must wonder whether a curse plagued the cast of Our Gang.  Many suffered problems with alcohol, drugs, arrests and severe health problems.  Below are some of the more notable examples:
Pete the Pup (? 1930) - An unknown assailant poisoned the original Pete.

Robert Hutchins "Wheezer" - (3/29/25 - 3/17/45) - Died in an airplane accident at the age of 19.

William Robert Laughlin "Froggy" - (7/05/32 - 8/31/48) - Died in a bicycle accident at the age of 16.

Robert H. Young "Bonedust" (9/15/17 - 9/10/51) - Died in a hotel fire, which started when he fell asleep smoking in bed.

Dorothy Dandridge "Dorothy" (11/09/23 9/08/65) - Committed suicide after an investment scheme caused her to go bankrupt.

Harold Switzer "Deadpan" or "Slim" - (1/16/25 - 4/14/67) As was the case with his brother, Harold was also killed following a dispute with another man.

Scotty Beckett "Scotty" - (10/04/29 - 5/10/68) Died in a Hollywood nursing home after being severely beaten two days prior to his admittance.  A bottle of pills and a note were found at the scene, however the coroner never determined the exact cause of death.  He was just 38 years old.

Darla Hood "Darla" - (11/08/31 - 6/13/79) - Hospitalized for hepatitis in 1979, she soon died under what was later ruled to be "suspicious circumstances."

Kendall McComas "Breezy Brisbane" - (10/29/16 - 10/15/81) - Two weeks before his 65th birthday and apparent forced retirement from the U.S. Naval Weapons Center in China Lake, California, he committed suicide.

Robert Blake "Mickey" - (9/18/33 - present) - On April 18, 2002, he was arrested and charged with the murder of his wife, Bonnie Lee Bakely.

Darwood Kaye "Waldo" - (9/08/29 - 5/15/2002) - Killed by a hit and run driver while walking on the sidewalk.

Jay R. Smith "Jay R" - (8/29/15 - 10/05/2002) - Stabbed to death and left in the desert by a homeless man he had befriended.

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